Dr Mitch a


After getting a background in running and rowing at school, Mitch tried a triathlon in 1994. This led to an amateur career between then and 2002, until he raced professionally 2003-2015. Expertise in the Ironman distance led him to compete at the Hawaiian Ironman eight times: with a best placing of 11th overall. He mixed thirty Ironman finishes with four degrees, winning twice and dominating bike courses.

After finishing Physiotherapy (honours) at Melbourne University in 1997, Mitch went on to complete an honours degree in Science (physiology) before tackling Exercise genetics with a Ph.D scholarship at Melbourne University. He transferred to Medicine at Melbourne Uni and completed his internship at Royal Melbourne Hospital, before signing off a graduate career of fourteen years with a diploma in Surgical Anatomy.


  • World 12h Record (491km) March 2017
  • 8-time Hawaiian Ironman competitor (best placing 11th overall)
  • Bike course records: IM WA, IM OZ, Geelong 70.3, Strongman Japan
  • 30-time Ironman finisher
  • Winner Ironman WA 2005
  • Winner Strongman Japan 2009
  • Tour de Crawf Melbourne to Perth ride 3600km in 3 weeks (2013)
  • Five–time University Blue award (cycling).
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