Who are we?

Shinbone Medical is a small community clinic offering a range of health and sports related services in a unique location in the heart of ‘Shinboner’ territory in North Melbourne. Founded in 2012 by Dr Mitchell Anderson, the historic site is situated opposite the Arden Street oval and as such, has been named in honour of the mighty North Melbourne AFL club. You can read more about the beautiful gas regulating house here.

Mitch has gathered up a great team to compliment such a beautiful workspace. The team at Shinbone focus on providing a holistic approach to medicine, focusing on mind, body, diagnosis, and rehabilitation for elite athletes through to weekend warriors. Whilst sport is a keen area of interest, the team has a diverse mix of skills to support all members of the community. Book in for a corporate health check, adult, children and sports counselling, a back tune-up or support and management of a specific health problem.

We have a great team to help.

Services offered:

Sports Medicine: Dr Mitch is an elite endurance cyclist with a background as a professional triathlete. This background has honed his interest in rehab, acute musculoskeletal injury and nutrition. Mitch has an expertise in foot and ankle pathology, with plantar fasciitis as a key area of interest. However, Mitch loves a challenge, and will take on general medical problems as required, always looking to optimise medical recovery for his patients.

Sports and rehabilitation Physiotherapy: Mitch and James are an elite team of two, offering musculoskeletal physiotherapy with an eye to rehab for acute and chronic injuries.

Psychology: Dr Dan has a broad background as both an elite runner (Sub 30min 10km runner) and has worked with schools, children and adults to construct ways to deal with all sorts of pathologies.

Bike fit: Dr Mitch has a world record in cycling (12h, 501km) and loves to refine cycling positions to optimise efficiency and comfort. 


Dr Mitch Anderson

Dr Mitchell Anderson (MBBS, B.Physio hons, B.Sc hons, Dip. Surg. Anat.) is the director and at Shinbone Medical. Having studied Physiotherapy, Physiology and Anatomy in addition to his medical studies, Mitch is registered as a both a Medical doctor and Physiotherapist. His areas of interest are diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, with a particular interest in musculoskeletal injury. Mitch also consults a broad range of athletes on nutrition, training and bike fit from his unique perspective as a former professional triathlete (12 years) and physiologist

Mitch currently works four sessions a week at Shinbone Medical, with a role as an Assistant Orthopedic Surgeon to four of the Melbourne Orthopedic Group, comprising: Mr Jonothan Bare (Hip/knee); Mr Shane Barwood (Upper Limb); Mr Paul Rice (Foot/Ankle); and Mr Tim Schneider (Foot/Ankle). As such, he is able to provide end to end care from diagnosis facilitating and assisting surgical rehabilitation, liasing closely with specialists, to help achieve best outcomes for his patients and their families.


James Malvaso

James has been practicing physiotherapy in a wide range of settings for the last 7 years after graduating from Monash University in 2011. Having worked in both the acute surgical setting and private practice, James has an understanding of the complete process from surgery to recovery. He has developed a keen interest in post surgical rehabilitation for both lower and upper limbs and also enjoys helping patients return to sport.  

James adopts a hands-on approach in combination with exercise-based medicine and believes that empowering clients to take control of their own rehabilitation through education and shared decision-making elicits the best results.

Outside the clinic, James enjoys playing basketball, watching the mighty Tigers and running around with his two bulldogs.



Daniel brings his life experience as a psychologist, teacher, parent, and athlete to his practice. He brings a warmth and easy calm to children and adults alike. 

His background as a school teacher has led him to develop a specific expertise in the area of school education. He has supported both students and teachers with mental health, learning difficulties, wellbeing, and behavioural management. 

Additionally, Daniel has represented Australia in athletics and still competes regularly. He is well versed in achieving elite performances while juggling work, study, and family commitments. Daniel has recently submitted his doctoral thesis and is particularly knowledgeable in evidence-based approaches. You can also listen to Daniel regularly on ABC Melbourne with Lisa Leong discussing a range of topics from Police in Schools through to managing going back to school.


AitHne Quin
Practice Manager

Aithne Quin is an experienced Management Consultant with over six years helping businesses to improve their performance, by finding innovative and more efficient ways of operating. As a Management consultant Aithne has advised and developed strategies for a broad range of business from health care through to banks. At Shinbone Medical, Aithne is responsible for overseeing and maintaining all business operations and human resource of the practice. In her spare time, Aithne likes to hone her skills as a flying trapeze artist, play canasta and practice yoga and pilates.


Moirin Quin

Moirin is the receptionist here at Shinbone Medical. Moirin supports the team by being the first contact point for all patients. Moirin manages scheduling, appointments and billing. 


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You can find us in North Melbourne using the map provided below, but look out for the Victorian Archives building driveway opposite the North Melbourne Arden street oval. We are situated in the heritage building just to the right on Macaulay Road. Find the Shinbone Medical sign and proceed up the cobbles to the first set of stairs, entering the clinic by the green double doors: you have arrived. 


For our friends on the south-side, James and Mitch operate out of the Melbourne Orthopaedic Group rooms in Brighton every Wednesday afternoon.

Kindly do not use the form  to book appointments or for script renewals.  The attached email account is checked periodically throughout the day. For quick attention we advise you to call or Email Moirin on 9329 5454

Please, if your medical situation is an emergency go straight to a hospital or dial 000


Shinbone Medical
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Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm
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