Who are we?

Shinbone Medical is a small community clinic offering a range of health and sports related services in a unique location in the heart of ‘Shinboner’ territory in North Melbourne. Founded in 2012 by Dr Mitchell Anderson, the historic site is situated opposite the Arden Street oval and as such, has been named in honour of the mighty North Melbourne AFL club. You can read more about the beautiful gas regulating house here.

Mitch has gathered up a great team to compliment such a beautiful workspace. The team at Shinbone focus on providing a holistic approach to medicine, focusing on mind, body, diagnosis, and rehabilitation for elite athletes through to weekend warriors. Whilst sport is a keen area of interest, the team has a diverse mix of skills to support all members of the community. Book in for a corporate health check, adult, children and sports counselling, a back tune-up or support and management of a specific health problem.

We have a great team to help.

Services offered:

Sports Medicine: Dr Mitch is an elite endurance cyclist with a background as a professional triathlete. This background has honed his interest in rehab, acute musculoskeletal injury and nutrition. Mitch has an expertise in foot and ankle pathology, with plantar fasciitis as a key area of interest. However, Mitch loves a challenge, and will take on general medical problems as required, always looking to optimise medical recovery for his patients.

Sports and rehabilitation Physiotherapy: Mitch and James are an elite team of two, offering musculoskeletal physiotherapy with an eye to rehab for acute and chronic injuries.

Psychology: Dr Dan has a broad background as both an elite runner (Sub 30min 10km runner) and has worked with schools, children and adults to construct ways to deal with all sorts of pathologies.

Bike fit: Dr Mitch has a world record in cycling (12h, 501km) and loves to refine cycling positions to optimise efficiency and comfort.